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I was wondering if using mass press release websites is useful when it comes to marketing software. It appears to me that many of these sites are nothing but mass aggregators of press releases and that those releases never actually go anywhere.

I've tried submitting press releases manually to tech and software blogs, but those people either ignore them or they want some serious cash to write about my software, which I find unacceptable at this point since I'm struggling to even make the first sale.

What is the best way to let my target population know about my software?


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Journalists are seeking for anything interesting for their reader. If you are nobody, you are not interesting. Most successful companies had the same problem when they started. They were ignored.

I suggest you to invest your efforts in your software, website and service instead. You'll throw money in marketing in a later stage.

The only expanse you could do is acquiring a license of RoboSoft because it worth every penny.

RoboSoft allows you to submit your software in over a thousand specialized website.

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You would be better off finding your target niche and market to them. Find the initial 5-10 early adopters who will actually use the software and hopefully a few beta testers from this set. When you have these secured, then approach to community leaders of the niche and please them with updates and enhancements that they will love and get you their praises. Ask them if you can include this praises as "customer testimonials" on your website. Having pleased, these community leaders will begin to market your products without you needing to ask them. Only then the general press may find you interesting.

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