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As an experienced software professional I have developed a new line of products/software that meets the needs of a niche market within the domestic (USA) banking industry. It is hard to attract customers to my website. Does anyone have any suggestions?

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You're going to have to find potential customers and reach out to them, which I hope you're doing for requirements elicitation anyway. I'd look into industry conferences where you can network with your potential customers and hand out business cards, or even set up a booth to demonstrate your software.

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Have a Plan

What you will need is a business development plan which includes both a marketing and a sales component. The marketing component will include both outbound and inbound activities -- usually organized into campaigns -- that will identify and qualify prospective customers. The sales effort will identify the infrastructure, strategies and material that will be needed to close prospective customers.

You will need to develop this plan, work this plan, revised this plan, adjust this plan and execute this plan in order to generate sales in your niche market.

Components of the Plan

The the marketing plan for a new product into a well-established B2B market such as banking usually requires the following things:

  • Earned media through the positioning of the intellectual capital
  • Earned media through the publishing of case studies from beta- users
  • Established senior level contacts within the target market
  • Relationships with existing companies that sell product/services to the same decision makers in the target market
  • Cold calling targeted people
  • Connecting via linked in to receive referrals
  • Participation in trade and industry events
  • Securing third party "stamps of approval"

While this is not an exhastive list it is a good start. SEO and hoping folks come to your website will not be enough. Your website will be used primarily in the sales process rather than the marketing process.

Regulated Industry

As I am sure you know, but I feel compelled to highlight-- the sale of product into a regulated industry necessitates specific market understanding to ensure that your product clearly positions itself in a manner that communicate your compliance with all relevant regulations.

Best of luck with marketing and selling your new line of products/software.

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If you are serving the banking industry you are probably going to need to make some sales calls and get some face time with the people who make the decisions. You will need to be prepared and show them how you can either make them money or save them money with little effort. If you can do neither then you are going to have a hard time getting in.

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I have a niche product myself finaltouchapp.com

Your product seem to be more of an enterprise things which means I would look into something to help you chase down customers.

One way is of course to use LinkedIn to see who you have in your network.

Another is to go to trade industry events.

A third is to pitch with someone who already have access to the group. Maybe offering them a kickback.

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