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I have a business idea that I want to materialize into a business plan. This is my first attempt ever and I want to accomplish this with some open source tools.

I know I can start typing down my plans with LibreOffice, but it'd be great to get some help with a software. I've hearded of some commercial softwares but I'd like the opensource equivalent.

Any hints?


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Bplans.com and Planware.org come to mind. But you don't really need software to write it down. You can find tons of regular Word templates out there. Good luck.

p.s.: if you do use software, make sure you can tweak your business plan and change it easily. Plans change as the business progresses and some software may not let you do that easily. That's why I suggest you go with a good ol' Word file.

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Yes. 1, no one cares about formal business plans anymore and 2, just use whatever word processor you have. For all I care, HTML would do just fine. You'll need some spreadsheet for your financial projections though. –  Alain Raynaud Aug 27 '11 at 15:49
Thanks everyone. Since I work alone I prefer to have someone else's opinion. –  osager Aug 27 '11 at 18:25

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