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I have just build a web app called XYZ (the actual name is different).

It is going quite well. I am getting quite a lot of users worldwide.

I was getting worried I should register the name as a trademark as it may become my business.

Does it make sense to you?

And if it does, in which countries should I register it? As it is usable worldwide, to protect myself, I should register it in almost any country...but how much would that cost? Thousands of dollars. I can't afford that.

If I register it only in USA and UK (for example), somebody could register it in Germany (for example) later on and I could be forced to change the name of the webapp for the users from Germany.

It sounds very tricky :-(

Any idea, please?

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Not an expert in this subject but I have some experience in this matter, having a business background and having recently started dealing with this issue myself (TMing our logo etc.)

You do not need to register in every country. If you TM here in the U.S. thats enough. The law will state something to the effect that it cannot be copied anywhere else (in the world). Hence the issue of piracy and intellectual property theft in some countries of U.S. IP.

Having said that it won't make the process "cheap". You'll still shell out thousands of dollars for this process just to TM in one country.

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I'm no lawyer and therefore this isn't legal advice.

It's possible to register an EU trademark that protects you in all EU countries and you don't have the UK/Germany problem.

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